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An adapter required to use new third-party headsets on the Xbox One has been delayed until early 2014. The hardware, which would have also allowed the use of Xbox 360 headsets on the new console, was confirmed by peripheral manufacturer Turtle Beach. Have your all-night Xbox One sessions been keeping your family members up at night? Microsoft has a solution. The hardware maker just announced the $79.99 Xbox One Stereo Headset that will allow you to use your existing headphones with the new consoles, as The Xbox One headset adapter, required to use any third-party headset due to the upcoming console’s proprietary headset jack – has been delayed until 2014. Third-party manufacturer Turtle Beach revealed in a press release that its upcoming headsets, the XO Gaming audio accessory manufacturer Turtle Beach has revealed that Microsoft will not release its Xbox One headset adapter for third-party headsets until early 2014. The new comes from Turtle Beach’s announcement that it has extended its partnership with Good news gamers, as you might have heard last week, Microsoft announced the the Xbox One Stereo Headset and headset adapter for the Xbox One console. Unfortunately no release date was given but many had expected it to be released in March. Well the good First up, the all-new Xbox One Stereo Headset. The Stereo Headset pairs a premium, full-range (20Hz – 20kHz) audio experience with a unidirectional microphone taking advantage of Xbox One’s Skype-powered chat audio codec. Included in the package is a .

However, since the Xbox One headset adapter have been delayed until 2014, Turtle Beach confirmed that both of these headsets won’t become available until the first quarter of 2014 at the earliest. Branden Powell, Director of Strategic Alliances at The Xbox One stereo headset adapter is causing audio problems for some users, it has been reported. Microsoft has confirmed it is looking into the issue and offers a number of potential solutions on its Xbox Support page. “We’ve heard about a small number Microsoft has announced today a pair of new audio device options for the Xbox One: a brand new Stereo Headset and a separate Stereo Headset Adapter for people who want to use their already-owned headphones. The new Stereo Headset, available for $79.99 One of Microsoft’s reversals in the past few months on the the Xbox One is the ability to use your own headset via the headset adapter. Originally the next-gen console would not accept current gen headsets due to a new proprietary port. According to a .

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so my TV that I use for my ps3 doesn’t have any lag in game mode or without game mode. However when I hook up my computer which is a laptop with the HDMI cable there is a significant lag. I am unable to play any kind of quick moving video games that are Your next big-screen TV will have Linux in it. The only question is whose GUI environment and network services will run on top of Linux. A Santa Ana, California company called Ch.1, together with their licensee, Sylvania Computer Products, have big plans If you are looking for an unusual gift for someone, check out this 7 inch portable LCD television by Sylvania available at Sears. This TV is on sale at Sears for $89.55 (regular price $149.95) You can have the TV delivered to your home, or save on shipping Inside Kendra Tinney’s refrigerator is a box full of no-bake chocolate chip cookies, marked with a warning: Do Not Eat. The Sylvania resident put the hands-off sign there to keep her family from snacking on the treats because they are more than just a 3 a.m. (ESPN) — British Open Championship in Hoylake, England 2 p.m. (TGC) — LPGA: Marathon Classic in Sylvania, Ohio 4 p.m. (TGC) — Tour: Boise (Idaho) Open NBA SUMMER LEAGUE 3 p.m. (NBA TV) — Las Vegas playoffs: Pelicans vs. TBD 5 p.m The last headline announced in 1976 that Sylvania, one of the world’s largest television receiver manufacturing plants was closing its doors. It was a sad day for Batavia’s economy and especially sad for all of the employees that were fortunate .

The Sylvania LD200SL8 is a 20-inch LCD DVD Combo, so no need to purchase a separate DVD console. Sylvania LCD TV/DVD Combos save space and simplify setup by combining an LCD television and dvd player in one easy to use unit. This TV also offers long life Amazon has the Sylvania LC321SSX 32-Inch HD Flat Panel LCD TV for $399.99 – $70 instant savings + $0 shipping = $329.99 shipped! This set boasts a 720p resolution, 10 watt speakers, built-in HD tuner and 3x HDMI inputs. In other filings with the FCC, ONE MINISTRIES, INC. is swapping K276FY/SANTA ROSA, CA to JOSEPH FIORI for low power TV station K04RS-DT/SAN JUAN BAUTISTA INC. has requested a Silent STA for WSYL-A/SYLVANIA, GA due to transmitter problems. .

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If you can’t be near a TV, you can STREAM IT online and on your mobile device through NBC Sports Live Extra. If you plan to stream, be sure to have your username and password from your cable/satellite/telco provider handy so your subscription can be PHILADELPHIA–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Comcast today launched Xfinity On Campus, a service that lets college students watch live TV and On Demand content on their IP-enabled devices, including, laptops, tablets and smartphones while on campus. The service Of particular interest for American basketball fans are the actual players to watch. Andray Blatche has controlled the middle for the Philippines and is averaging 21 points and 13.7 rebounds a night. He went off in the opener against Croatia with 28 points It’s the last week of August, which means football is almost here. And that means CBS is transitioning over to the NFL and saying goodbye to golf for the rest of the year. Both CBS and NBC carry most of the big golf events on the calendar. but it’s The brand new Sky Sports Week Pass means it’s easier than ever to watch all your favourite live sports on NOW TV. We’ve picked out the best the weekend has to offer and you can see it all, without a contract, on your PC, on your mobile or through a NOW Want to watch TV, but don’t like the limitations of cable? Look into NimbleTV, which offers a few free live TV stations and paid plans for cable stations. Recently I introduced you to FilmOn, which lets you watch a variety of over-the-air TV stations .

There is a ton of great football happening across the country, starting tonight with Texas A&M vs. South Carolina. Here’s how you can watch all of those games on TV, or online. TCU plays Samford on Saturday evening, which isn’t exactly a matchup that Tonight the New York Football Giants are battling the New York Jets in the Snoopy Bowl. Giants Nation, are you going to the game? Here’s some info from Giants Nation, NFL fans, if you click anywhere on that list, it’ll send you Where to Watch: If you can’t make it to the stadium, there are plenty of Auburn clubs around the country that host regular watch parties. The Mobile Auburn Club will be holding a watch party at Callaghan’s Irish Social Club, and the Charlotte AU Club The Seattle Seahawks will visit Oakland Coliseum to take on the Oakland Raiders tonight in the fourth and final preseason tuneup before the teams hit the real action next week. The Raiders are 1-2 this preseason, losing to the Vikings and Packers but .

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Hey Lifehacker, I was wondering: are airsoft guns illegal in Australia? Nerf guns just don’t shoot far enough and don’t look nearly as cool — something about a bendable foamy cylinder to the arm takes the realism out of a firefight. Since I don’t Airsoft guns are replica firearms that fire plastic pellets by compressed We didn’t think of it as anything else than it was fun and we thought being soldiers was cool. I was from a military family and so were most of my friends, so it was nothing “It’s what they call an airsoft gun and it had the orange portion of it removed, so it looked very real,” Cool said. “By state code, airsoft guns are considered guns. They fire a projectile, and a projectile could easily maim or injure someone PARMA On Monday, City Council’s Public Safety Committee seemed cool toward an ordinance that would allow Lakeview Church of God to host “airsoft”-gun tournaments for young people. However, Ty Morgan, youth pastor of the York Road church, said he Then they can return to their boring desk jobs and nagging wives with stories of Airsoft gun glory! Yeah, that’ll make things better. But in the meantime, the guns are cool and you might get to see Wil blow a hole through a woman’s mouth. I’m just sayin’. Young people have been killed in similar circumstances in at least three other states. The Airsoft guns are especially popular among teenage boys. “I think they’re cool ‘cuz they’re guns, and most boys like guns and if they don’t they’re weird,” says Eric .

The apparent disappearance of an Airsoft gun shop in Tracy is leaving customers confused and if they can just give me back my guns without the service fee, that would be cool with me,” Hataka said. Some of our readers will remember the cool DIY soda bottle airsoft gun that we featured on the site about a week ago, now the creator of the original soda bottle Airsoft gun is back with a new version. The new DIY Airsoft gun gets a little more powerful I understand why airsoft gun owners go without the orange tips unless they have to have them: to make the gun look like the real thing because it’s more “in.” Orange sticks out on a black-and-silver gun, and it’s really ugly. Black is cool, respectable The guns look very real, but a small telltale orange tip signifies the weapon is not meant for bullets but airsoft pellets. Cool Combat, an indoor airsoft arena, opened its doors with a grand opening Friday afternoon at 100 Dacotah St., the old Dacotah Mill. .

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Requires six D-cell batteries for portable operation. Bottom Line The House of Marley Bag of Rhythm dock—and a Rasta-themed 3.5mm audio cable ships with the unit. The power adapter connects on the top panel of the system. The canvas bag includes The ALC units are designed to guarantee the best speaker drive, with maximum sound quality and operating reliability The BC543 is a self-contained, high-output cardioid subwoofer system for both permanent and portable ground-stacked applications. a portable stereo with a tailgate-rattling 2500W of power, and finally a Sonos Play competitor in the wireless Shape streaming audio system. Clearly Sonos, Samsung’s been peeking at your Play:1 playbook. After introducing the Shape wireless streaming audio Here are the best portable Bluetooth speakers that I’ve put through the pitch-perfect Geneva Sound Model XS, $199 The Geneva Sound System Model XS is one of the best sounding and looking portable models on the market. The design was inspired by the I had the chance to spend some time with the Big Jambox, Bose SoundLink, and Nokia Play 360 systems and coming up with a clear 4.33 x 4.88 x 4.33 inches and 1.13 pounds (each speaker) Audio comes out of the top of the Nokia Play 360 and seemed best Clearly Sonos, Samsung sound stand is designed so that smaller 32-55 inch TV’s sit directly on top of it while it pumps out multi-directional 4.2 channel audio. Alongside those offerings, Samsung will be showing off a new HT-H7730WM home entertainment .

What it isn’t is particularly accurate and while Bose has an uncanny knack of projecting audio across a room, it doesn’t sound at its best at higher volumes In isolation it is difficult to dislike the Bose Wave Music System III. It has a warm, powerful The Bose SoundLink Mini is one of the best sounding portable Bluetooth speakers on the Setting up the Bose SoundLink Mini is as simple as you’d expect from a Bluetooth audio system. Press the power button to turn on the device where it will enter For all but the purist vinyl-owning audiophiles, speakers have become wireless best for portable speakers, and all but a few of those are too wimpy to be used for more than one room. If you’re serious about building a substantial home sound system .

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Sony Computer Entertainment announced yesterday the availablility of a new Surround Soundbar system, the CECH-ZVS1. Available this fall in Japan, this new Surround systems comes with a built-in subwoofer and has been specially designed for Playstation 3 in VIZIO, America’s #1 Sound Bar company, today announced the availability of its flagship 54” 5.1 sound bar system. Serving as the ideal complement to large-size TVs in great rooms or expansive living rooms, the 54″ 5.1 solution offers a wider sound stage IRVINE, Calif., June 10, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — VIZIO, America’s #1 Sound Bar company 1, today announced the availability of its flagship 54” 5.1 sound bar system. Serving as the ideal complement to large-size TVs in great rooms or expansive living rooms The world’s first dual wireless sound bar system with wireless subwoofer and rear speakers makes me want to clear space on my walls and crank some of that rock and roll music. The TH-BA3 system is a 280 watt 5.1 home theater that doesn’t let any wires get SAN DIEGO, March 31, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Sony Electronics announced today two new sound bars and a new sound system, all ideal for customers looking to add strong sound performance to their home with ease. The HT-CT770 Sound Bar, HT-CT370 Sound Bar and offering their customers the best sound system and the biggest screens New York City has to offer.” The venue, which occupies three floors and a mezzanine, includes two full-service bars, a separate wine bar, and a VIP room. “In the large entranceway .

Yamaha introduced the YHT-S401 sound bar speaker system with subwoofer-integrated receiver (model SR-301). The uniquely-styled system provides expansive, virtual 7.1 surround sound from two compact, easy-to-place components. The YHT-S401 consists of an The new system is comprised of a number of separate elements, including speakers, a sound bar, and a network bridge to help connect them all. LG Music Flow also incorporates the Music Flow Player smartphone app, through which users can manage their digital .

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Off the back of the cheap Pure DAB+ radio this morning is the geneva sound system model s DAB+, an upgraded version of the Model S the US guys got their hands on at CES this year. The included upgrade? Digital radio. Bet you didn’t guess that… Complete Just so we’re clear, no matter how the Geneva Model S DAB+ sounded or have read Dave Bullard’s Lab Test of the regular Model S from earlier this year, the Model S DAB+ is a brilliant bedside sound system – with iPod/iPhone dock, and digital The Model XS is Geneva Sound’s smallest speaker system yet. Like all of Geneva Sound’s audio gear, it offers a delightful design without neglecting sound quality. At £179, it’s not cheap for such a dinky speaker, but sports a whopping three drivers and Geneva Lab’s Sound System Model XS is a small, portable speaker system that sticks to Geneva’s visual aesthetic. The Bluetooth-enabled speaker—which doubles as a travel alarm clock—includes a built-in rechargeable battery. The XS lives inside a Geneva’s Model XXL also comes with Apple Airplay, Bluetooth, and a HDMI cable to easily connect the system to your HDTV. The Model XXL from Geneva Sound System is out now and retails for $4,100. “Silver and gold, silver and gold, everyone wishes for silver and gold.” So sang that old snowman fellow in that one Christmas puppet cartoon. The TechTell family, in conjunction with the good folks at Geneva Lab, would like to grant that wish to one .

This latest speaker isn’t an update to their popular Model S, Model M, etc. iPod/iPhone docks. Instead the Geneva Sound System Model XS is a new designer twist on the standard alarm clock radio. Available in black, red and white, the Model XS has a Jackery, a producer of rechargeable battery products, has released its latest product: the Jackery Fit. A high-capacity 2.1-amp fast-charging portable battery, the Jackery Fit can charge a variety of tablets and smartphones. Featuring three LED charge The Geneva Sound System Model XXL combines stunning looks with advanced acoustics to produce a powerful home theater and high-fidelity music system contained inside an elegant furniture-grade wood cabinet finished in a choice of white, black, or red piano the Geneva Sound System Model L has the sonic gravitas and the smattering of extra features (radio, CD player) for it to be realistically considered as a stereo replacement. It’s also dead simple to use and will (despite its large size) consume less living .


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This is in excellent condition and was used only a couple of times. Paid 300.00. CALL OR TEXT 631-572-1049 The Crescendo Fitness Magnetic Resistance Elliptical crosstrainer is a great heavy-duty elliptical machine and a great addition to any home gym. Get in shape for summer with this health and fitness software package. You can schedule your workouts, track your nutritional intake, and record your weight fluctuations. Record and analyze your progress with the easy-to-use LogBook. Other features include Created by Andrew Lowe, the crosstrainer is a ‘fully interchangeable sports wheelchair for youth.’ The crosstrainer, which was the student runner-up in the ‘Consumer Products’ category at the Core77 2013 Design Awards, is capable of functioning as These three pictures of CrossTrainer test mules were taken at three different places west of the Mississippi. The Chicago-built CrossTrainer, a unibody “crossover,” will be built at Ford’s Chicago Assembly Plant beginning in early 2004. The Precor is well-known for creating smooth, high-quality, and durable pieces of exercise equipment, and the Precor EFX 5.25 Elliptical Fitness Crosstrainer is not an exception to the rule. This elliptical machine is one of the smaller crosstrainers that Crosstrainers are bulky sneakers that are meant for athletic purposes, but you wouldn’t really want to run in. Saucony introduced the concept of making a crosstrainer that centered around a running sneaker with its Crossport. It was a running sneaker, but .

The new LateralX was named the Best Crosstrainer overall, with reviewers noting, “The LateralX is truly a complete reinvention of the crosstrainer,” and, “With the touch of a button, the user can electronically adjust their stride from a wide skating The problem is that most people have no idea how to train their glutes and end up using the treadmill, crosstrainer or improper leg exercises without seeing any results. To achieve a nice looking butt, it’s vital to understand the mechanisms behind glute Brookings Health System has also added new equipment to the occupational and physical therapy space, including a NuStep crosstrainer, traction table, Shuttle MVP Pro for lower extremity training, pulley system, balance bar and weights. For information on .

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Humberto Gutierrez Lopez, 41, was charged with possession of a controlled substance for sale, possession of a controlled substance under the driver’s seat, a loaded 9mm pistol, the report said. Available in both 9mm and .40 S&W, the SDVE pistols were approved and added to the California Roster of Handguns Certified for Sale prior to the microstamping requirements. These compliant models provide California residents with reliable pistols at an New 9mm and .40 S&W Pistols Grandfathered Prior to California Microstamping Mandate; Non-Microstamped, Compliant and Approved for Sale in California SPRINGFIELD, Mass. — Smith & Wesson Corp. announced Tuesday that the long awaited California compliant The FNS was a breakaway success in a market already saturated with polymer service pistols. Heavily-featured If you’re looking for a great all-around gun in 9mm or .40 S&W, you really ought to consider the FNS. Perhaps someone has one for sale or know of someone that has one and wants to get rid of it. Never know perhaps I get a bargain on here. The purpose of the pistol will be for sports shooting in case you might be wondering. I am busy obtaining points in Boberg XR9-S – Under development for several years, the Boberg XR9-S is a revolutionary design in compact 9mm pistols, and will be available for sale this year Longer barrels in small pistols mean higher velocities for bullets, increasing the .

Although Black Friday is 500 Persuader pistol grip shotguns for $199.99. (Of course, all these prices are “while supplies last.”) Lotus Gunworks is located in Louisville as well, and they are selling Smith & Wesson Shield 9mm handguns for $369.99. Want to buy a pistol? You into .40 caliber or 9mm? Your brand Beretta, Glock, or perhaps Heckler and Koch? You’re in luck, because the Arroyo Grande Police Department is having a fire sale to sell its surplus firearms. The City Council voted unanimously He successfully created a long slide, double barrel 9mm pistol that shot well. But the AF 2011 is the first time two pistols have been welded into one in a design that is shelf-ready and meant for sale. That’s right — this model can be produced and .

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Flatscreen TVs can offer remarkable picture quality but the sound often doesn’t match up. Luckily, there are gadgets that can help. Soundbars and surround sound systems have beefy, powerful audio. Add them and suddenly that blockbuster movie or match will Bose’s new “Solo TV” sound system is the company’s entry into the increasingly crowded “TV sound bar” market, and it’s a good one – especially if you like your sound cranked. The black beauty is designed to sit under your TV (or, more accurately Ok, I know that I would need a decoder and/ or amplifier to get a ps3 system to play true 7.1 surround sound (expensive). But what I’d like to know is there a any way to play true 7.1 audio off a tv with only 1 hdmi input (which is taken up by the ps3 To add greater performance to your television more so high quality sound you need Bose solo speaker. It is a sound system that has got only one speaker and produces a kind of sound that most television’s internal speakers do not. This Bose solo sound The soundbar as you might expect has the same amount of curvature as that of the TV and has been given a finely brushed aluminium finish to enhance its looks. For an immersive surround sound experience, the curved soundbar supports 8.1 channel audio and Bose is hoping to exploit a very specific niche with its new Solo tv sound system – those who want high quality audio, but without the sometimes overwhelming effects of a complete surround sound system. The Bose Solo tv sound system isn’t really a .

August 30, 2012 — Today, Bose introduces the Solo tv sound system, an unobtrusive, single speaker designed specifically for watching television. The Bose ® Solo system dramatically improves the dialogue, music, action and sound effects from everyday Bose Friday introduced the Solo TV Sound System, a single speaker designed specifically for watching television. The Bose Solo System aims to “dramatically improve the dialogue, music, action and sound effects from everyday programming”. “TV picture Bose has introduced the Solo TV Sound System, which it refers to as an unobtrusive, single speaker designed specifically for watching television. The company states that the Bose Solo System improves the dialogue, music, action, and sound effects from In a recent development, Bose has launched an unobtrusive, single speaker designed specifically for watching television – the Solo TV Sound System. Claimed by the company, the Bose Solo System will dramatically improve the dialogue, music, action and .